What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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Re: What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

mistermejia wrote:

I am no camera engineer, but tricky focusing and hunting in deeper shadows and under street lighting, isn't that a sensor issue and has nothing to do with AF speed??

The dude in the video doing the AF testing in his room looks like he turned the lights off, and was using a very small amount of available light, but the camera focuses perfectly fine. But of course these cameras need contrast and you can't point at a plain black area because the camera won't focus, but that's a whole different subject already. No?

On the first part of the answer you are splitting hair. The total time to acquire focus is what matters to the experience and whether it is fast enough to capture the impromptu shot the relevant question. Whether it is due to sensor or AF motor I really could not care less.

To be clear though, the XP1 focuses just fine in 95+% of situations - and I have learnt to switch to zone focusing in those situations where I am not sure it will. I shot with an Hexar RF for a decade, this is no big deal to me and I actually like going back to the old ways.

The amusing part, at least to me, is denying that there are conditions under which focus acquisition with the XP1 is erratic based on one internet video that shows that it works fine in the dark vs. feedback from user experience. I love the XP1, best shooting experience I have had in a long time, but let's not pretend it is perfect, nothing is, especially not cameras.

So yes we can blame the sensor that has nothing to do with AF (right...) or my shooting technique (I should ask people to carry around black and white checkers when they are in shadows), fine by me, or folks can grab an XP1 or XE-1, go do a night shoot of people doing something interesting, and make up their minds based on experience.

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