Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

Probably sound advice but hard to follow.

I agree the XT1 is likely the high point of the 16.3mp sensor and we are probably not likely to see anymore versions of it being used.

An XT1 body I suppose could take the next gen type sensor if its still APSc. It may need a processor upgrade though to keep all that stuff working fast with a higher MP sensor. So that would mean most likely a year and a half or so.

XPro 2 is the next likely model and it has the potential to be superb. But who knows when it will arrive. Rumours are rumours and are likely to extend in time rather than be sooner.

Apart from technical issues it would simply rob sales from XE2 and XT1. XT1 as it is will likely rob a lot of potential XE2 sales. They are close in price and XT1 seems to be more warmly received than XE2.


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