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Re: You have a point, but I don't like it

Pixnat2 wrote:

I must say that you have a point about the evolution of photography blurring with videography. I can really imagine that a lot of pros, whose goal is to sell volume, will use 4K or 8K (and so on) video to pull the perfect frame. From an alimentary point of view, that makes sense.

I don't like it because your vision is like replacing Art by Industry.

I don't think this evolution would be a gain in quality. True, the concept of pulling the perfect frame from a video sequence sounds nice and tempting (marketing speech often sounds like this). But it's implying a total new way of taking picture, and I would say a more lazy and "industrial" one. Instead of being attentive to your environnement, to your model or your subject, instead of trying to capture a magic moment in life, which one can only achieve after years of practice and training, one will not require any of those skills. Just sitting behind the camera, filming everthing, and then pulling the frame in PP. I can imagine that 8K will even give enough room to crop for the perfect composition.

I bet that if this technology was available at his time, Henri Cartier-Bresson would have been unknown, and his photographs would not have inspired generations of photographers.

But yes, you could be right about this evolution. It could be the death of photograhy as we were used to.

I can already imagine some marketing slogan : "With the XXXX, catching the decisive moment is 100% guaranteed"

Hopefully, there will always be some sensitive people who think that not every progress goes in the right direction.

This is just an example but I think people in this thread are underestimating how much goes into a good photo (which I wouldn't really expect seeing as this is a forum of photographers).

Take for example shooting news coverage (assuming an alternate reality where people already just pull stills from videos instead of taking pictures). At the bombings of the Boston marathon Jo Blog would be standing on the sidelines filming snippets a few seconds long when a friend or notable person crossed the line. When the bombs went off his photos would have had the same sort of angles all the cell phone videos of the event had. Do you reckon an inexperienced photographer would have seen the opportunity for the photo of the 3 cops standing over the fallen runner.

Filming and extracting frames might have made it easier for the pro to get that shot. To get just the right expressions on the policeman's faces and the point at which the drawn gun was most visible (which apparently they didn't notice at the time anyway). It still would have required an experienced eye to see that angle and opportunity though.

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