Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Way too may boxes. ;-)

DuaneV wrote:

Wow. Really? I think youre overthinking/making it WAY harder than it is. When I back up to it, I drag and drop the folder, name it, burn it, lightscribe a label on it, put it in an envelope and store it. It literally takes 2 minutes of my time because I can do other office work while the disc is taking 10 minutes to write. Id rather have a box of Blu Ray discs than a box of hard drives.

I sometimes burn through multiple 16GB cards in a single day when helping to review cameras.

Hard drives can easily handle that kind of volume and I sure don't want to be taking the time to burn that much data to optical media.

You can get 4TB 3.5" hard drives that don't take up much space at all now.  I just use a USB attached docking station with my hard drives (and yes, I have a shelf full of them).

I'd hate to think of the number of optical discs I'd need to store the same amount of data.

If Blu-ray works for you, fine.  But, there is absolutely no way I'm going to try and burn that many optical discs for the data I want to save, versus just keeping it stored on high capacity hard disk drives instead (where I can just plug in a single drive and access tons of data, with no need to swap optical discs around to get to it), not to mention the hassle involved in trying to verify the integrity of that media, or to copy it to newer media later.

A physical hard disk drive gives you much better cost/GB now, with less media to keep track of to get to data you have stored, and it's also easier to move to newer media over time (copying a smaller hard drive to a larger hard drive later, etc.).

Again, if you want to use Blu-ray for your backups, fine.  For my use, I just don't see any advantages to trying to use it.

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