Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: Doesn't work like that

Krich13 wrote:

38 and 47 cm are not working distances (not at 1:1 magnification anyway). Those the distance from the focal plane. Working distance is measured from the tip of the lens to subject at max. magnification. The 180 mm lens should have ~25 cm WD, 150 mm macro ~20 cm, 100 mm class

My bad - Sigma used to list working distance in their summary chart.

However, sometimes it is more comfortable to work with insects using a 60 mm than my Tamron 90/2.8 despite the longer WD of the latter:

As an extending lens with a recessed front element, the 1:1 working distance of the Tamron 90mm is only ~11cm, hardly different from your Olympus.

And those great huge macro lenses and their flash systems stay at home, while tiny 60 mm goes to the field with me. Been there, done that.

You don't have to use a big lens+camera. For example, there is the Nikon 60mm AF-D with 9cm working distance. Sigma 70mm can be a bit close at 6.5cm. The point is that you have options.

Been there too. My Canon 135/2 used to stay at home…

You trade size & weight for capability & versatility. If you don't use those attributes enough, then they are no good for you.

Besides, people notice a big white gun pointed at them far more than a little silver 75.

Of course they should notice you - otherwise it's voyeurism, not photography.

I didn’t forget it, but initial reports are very discouraging. I read of reasonable shutter speed around 1/40 s at 70 mm. Recalling that a day before I held 12-40 at 40 mm for 1/3 s and got a sharp photo made me laugh. Either something is very wrong with the 24-70 IS system, or with Sony shutter system or with both.

Or pixel peeping an A7R at 100% is a lot less tolerant of camera shake than an E-M1.  If you've read anything about stabilization systems, you know that the results vary widely depending on the photographer and their usage.  By comparing arbitrary numbers under unknown conditions, you are mainly confirming your bias. (You may be right or wrong as to the OSS capabilities, but that's lousy support for your position.)

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