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Re: I don't have Blue-ray, don't planing on buying Blu-ray

Jim Cockfield wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Steve Jobs disliked Blu-Ray ("bag of hurt") and Apple still doesn't support it well. You can buy a Windows PC with Blu-Ray drive, usually as an extra-cost option. Blockbuster is gone and relatively few consumers buy Blu-Ray movies. Nonetheless Blu-Ray seems good for archiving, with better theoretical longevity than DVD.

I do not own any Blu-ray players (or writers) and I don't plan on buying any.

From my perspective, Optical Media like that is just not practical anymore, and using it for archive purposes would require too many disks (and too much trouble verifying them in the years to come), versus just using hard disk drives for that purpose.

Disk space is very cheap now, and you can easily copy the contents to newer drives in the years to come.

But, with optical media, you're going to spend a *lot* of time swapping disks, trying to keep track of the disks that have your desired content on, etc

Even though Blu-ray may be better than DVD in that area, it's just not very practical, and would be *far* too time consuming to use from my perspective. Using hard disk drives capable of holding a lot of content on a single device is dramatically easier for archive purposes from my perspective. So, there is absolutely no chance that I'd try to use Blu-ray for backup/archive purposes.

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Wow.  Really?  I think youre overthinking/making it WAY harder than it is.  When I back up to it, I drag and drop the folder, name it, burn it, lightscribe a label on it, put it in an envelope and store it.  It literally takes 2 minutes of my time because I can do other office work while the disc is taking 10 minutes to write.  Id rather have a box of Blu Ray discs than a box of hard drives.

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