Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

I think a lot of these answers haven't really addressed your concern. Answers like its the photographer not the equipment are really half truths.

You should definitely get the XT1 after reading your concerns. The XT1 addresses each of your concerns directly. Faster tracking AF for kid shots (XE2 XE1 X100s are hopeless for that, its not a matter of faster AF of XE2 its a matter of tracking which they simply don't do). I have not had an XE2 but did have an X100s which is the same minus ability to change lenses.

I tried to photograph my grandson on a swing going back and forth - do you think its fastest AF in the world could do it? Hell no. Its was a joke.

The only way was to predict a spot and focus for that spot and wait for him to swing into it. That worked after a few goes.

I had D800e and XE1 and went on a dream vacation so I thought hard about which camera to take.

In the end I got a slimline security shoulder bag and took XE1 and X100s. X100s battery charger stopped working after 1 day which is a shame as I was getting some nice shots with the X100s.

The XE1 worked wonderfully.I use shutter priority mode and shot high speed like 1/500 to 1/1000th outdoors, F5.6 (most Fuji lenses peak in performance at F5.6) 1/250 or 1/320 F2.8 indoors and auto ISO to be the balancing thing.

Check the stupid exposure comp dial every time you pull the camera out of the bag because it caught me several times where it would spin off 0 in the bag and then be at -2 or something and I would wonder why my shots were suddenly looking underexposed.

I used the 18-5 F2.8 lens for 95% of my shots. I also shot a lot of panorama shots with the zoom set to 23mm and sweep it in portrait mode then check the image in the EVF and magnify view carefully for stitching errors before I walked away.

When reviewing the images later I was very very happy with how stunningly sharp, colourful and engaging 90 of the images were. For holidays you usually are imaging static scenes so tracking AF isn't needed. That's for kids and action shots, sports etc.

But from what you said XT1 does all the above and better (one precaution would be the ISO3200 and above skin tones in jpeg if they are smeared and plastic like with XE2 or has that been corrected, its not a problem with XE1).

I was thinking of selling my XE1 and upgrading to XT1. But I decided to keep XE1 (resale value is too low and its too good) and get an XT1 as well.

XT1 and 56 1.2 lens is most likely the stunning combo for portraits, kids etc.


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