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Re: the point of HDTV without Blu-Ray

CAcreeks wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

So much better than DVD! You gotta get it!

We have a BD player, but I have not yet watched a single Blu-Ray movie on it. When my daughter was home for Xmas we had a Lord of the Rings marathon on her PC, because we couldn't figure out how to hook up the BD player and TV. Also, believe it or not, sound quality on our HDTV is worse than on her Dell laptop.

Hmm well TV audio stinks, you gotta hook it up to speakers.

All you need is HDMI cable from blu-ray player to HDTV and you are done. One cable from HDMI port to HDMI and two plugs in the wall. That's it (unless you add speakers, which believe me makes a HUGE difference!).

What's the point of HDTV without blu-ray?

Football, hockey, and winter Olympics (yay!) are much better in HD than before.

Netflix streaming is a joke in comparison...

Not from the convenience standpoint. It is cable and home theater that is a joke in that regard. Who wants to watch programs when some network honcho decides to broadcast them? Reruns are always shown out-of-order, which I do not appreciate.

blu-ray you watch whenever you want, plus you can watch the edition you want and not what edition Netflix decides to carry. Netflix constantly removes titles, sometimes mega-hits, for no apparent reason. Distribution fights occur all the time and thing will disappear from streaming for who knows how long. No extra, no commentaries for the times you want that. By the time you download from netflix you could've drive to blockbuster and back and if you already own the blu-ray, nothing is more instant than that.

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