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Re: To replace still, you need to address these:

G1Houston wrote:

I know how to extract frames from Quick time, iMovies, etc, for example, being there done that, and it is a time consuming process. To make this feature truly useful — to replace still — the software has to be much much more user friendly. Nikon 1 has a hardware solution to this, although most of the people here laughed at the 1 camera simply because of its use of smaller sensor.

Here is what pro photog Joffe wrote:

Using Adobe Premiere Pro software, the 4K still image workflow is not as intimidating as you might first think. After finding the right frame in the application’s preview window, it can be exported to disk as a TIFF file, which can be output pretty much as it is. It's a great way of finding what Abraham Joffe calls “micro expressions.”

....The ability to slow down time, and have all these usable frames, is breath-taking.

As the article points out:

“One of the reasons people hire a professional photographer is for their ability to recognise and capture the ideal moment,” he says. “Shooting with 4K video simply shifts the point where this moment is found, from the time of shooting to the time of editing.”

So first, even with today's software, this still extraction from video is not the hardest thing in the world. And the results, at least for some, are worth it.

But second, as this technological potential expands, you can bet that the software development community will come up with very creative solutions to make this more user friendly. Bank on that one. Adobe, Apple, etc, as well as an army of third party developers whose names we don't recognize yet, will work on this and make it better and better. In fact, I would be they already are working on this.

In fact, in the iPhone 5s, using burst mode, their is already this:
Burst mode lets you capture multiple shots of the action by snapping 10 photos per second. And real-time analysis suggests individual shots or a sequence of photos that you might like best.

This will be another wave of the future...

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