Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

malch wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

nah DVD is bad and streaming is worse than a joke (streaming uses up most of the internet bandwidth in the U.S. and for that we get higher broad band bills each month and people get crappy video and audio, such a waste compared to physical media, save the bandwidth for streaming sports and youtube video or whatnot that would never end up on physical media instead)

I don't disagree with you.

I don't especially like optical disks or streaming. So, how about being able to download (not stream) a movie in almost any quality you like (incl. full BluRay)? And then play it on pretty much any computer or TV that you like, where you like, when you like? That's exactly what I want.

Technically, it's all 100% viable. Unfortunately, the only people offering that service are the illegal piracy sites. But they are doing it and all of the technology works.

I'd much rather download to a shared hard drive than purchase an optical disk and then spend time ripping it. But it's not a legit option.

The entire entertainment segment sucketh. Who actually wants to subscribe to 150-300 cable channels for the 5 you actually want to watch now and again?

Despite the relatively poor quality, I do subscribe to Netflix because it's convenient and I consider the $8/mo fee very reasonable (unlike the $80/mo that my local cable operator wants).

Yeah it's possible (although constant 40GB downloads would stress the net a lot) but the problem is you will get DRM of types FAR worse than on blu-ray, if they gave up DRM, then and only then.

Heck they still cry about not wanting to provide bandwith for people to download uncompressed music files or to put those up without DRM.

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