Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

malch wrote:

I don't especially like optical disks or streaming. So, how about being able to download (not stream) a movie in almost any quality you like (incl. full BluRay)? And then play it on pretty much any computer or TV that you like, where you like, when you like? That's exactly what I want.

Technically, it's all 100% viable. Unfortunately, the only people offering that service are the illegal piracy sites. But they are doing it and all of the technology works.

I believe the newest Tivo (Roamio) comes pretty close to what you seek.   All DVRs are storing locally and are increasingly allowing you to get it from tablets and other devices, though not to the point where it's a simple .mp4 file on your network - bring your own viewer.

And you know why that it.  You're rarely going to see completely open files because people have shown pretty clearly that they will take advantage of such easily copied stuff.  Amazon music is close, but it does stick your identity onto the mp3 files.

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