Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: To replace still, you need to address these:

G1Houston wrote:

G Sciorio wrote:

Eventually cameras will only shoot video and you'll be pulling frames. You can do that right now with the GH3, as I do for editorial assignments, and with the GH4 the frames of video are printable and more importantly sellable.

(1) How do you extract frames? Any softwares that people already have can do so easily? Nikon 1 system has the so called "motion snapshot," a feature built into the camera that basically automates this process. If GH4 does not have this, how likely it is for people to go through hundreds of frames just to find the one they want? In other words, wouldn't it be easier to just fire off a few still shots as we are doing now?

(2) Videos are typically shot at slow shutter speeds to match the frame rate to create smooth motion bur. How easy is it to find from many many frames the one that not only captures the movement but the subject is frozen and in sharp focus? There is no point of shooting things that don't move with a high burst rate in the first place.

Here's a video from a Canon shooter using the 1DC which also does 4k video...but costs $12,000 us dollars...showing how he uses Adobe Premier Pro to extract still frames from video:

There is already software to accomplish this...just do a google search.  But aside from that, more software will be created to enable this as 4k becomes more and more prevalent.

Remember, Sony is soon to release a 4k A Mount camera...and of course, Canon is well aware of this market, and already playing in it at much higher price point. But you can bet that Canon will eventually release lower priced 4k models.

That may be one reason why Canon has been so conservative with their releases of late; maybe they are planning on the next big thing, which wil involve 4k and still extraction.

So again, this is just a matter of time.

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