Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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Re: Canon doesn't really care anymore... three points....

Three points strike me:

1) The unit volume sales of compacts -everyone knew this was coming re the smartphones etc replacing compacts, maybe Canon is not blasé, but understand the problem exactly.

Should they panic about volume sales in a dying market i.e. compacts?

2) Strong vs weak players point that Thom makes - two issues I have with this premise

a) Fuji and Ricoh both have a large company behind them, aside from their camera division, no? Surely from that viewpoint, diversity in which their non camera division is their main division and much larger than their camera division means that they can make changes to their camera division without too much headaches, until they find the right 'mix', no?

From this viewpoint, Nikon is actually the most exposed, relying fully on camera sales.

b) The inferred premise that with the market contracting, the 'strong' will automatically be fine and the weak left to fend for themselves.

The issue I think of with this, is that the market IS changing, not only in sales volume, but because of technology and demand choices, not *just* recessionary causes. By this I mean that in the middle and lower end areas mirrorless is gaining traction, not only from an ergonomic (smaller) cause, but mirrorless actually, aside from the viewfinder lag which seems to be now diminishing, have some advantages over mirror/ shutter mechanics such as faster (is there a limit? ) shutter i.e. fps, on sensor AF which assures accuracy that separate optical, paths have a limit on if not properly configured, those are obvious. Then there is video, a much faster fps and stream likely (thinking logically) more possible with mirrorless.

IF therefore, the market is changing for preferences, and the smaller players like Olympus, Fuji are producing for those changes in features and results, it will be the 'weak' taking from the 'strong'.

Not the strong sitting and watching the others scrabble for scraps as is inferred.

Thus, how and when the large two camera brands react and position themselves for technology changes and market demand is as critical to their survival as any other.

Remember Kodak?

Yes, Nikon and Canon have a strong 'secured market' in the Professional stream. Yes, that is obvious.

But, in the enthusiast area, the Fuji, Pentax and Olympus are gaining ground, at least in features, thus what distinguished the large two from the rest, is dwindling to only their Mount system and legacy lenses.

Yes that is a strong protection, but how long will it last?

In mirrorless products which one may argue is the future of interchangeable lens cameras, at least for anything less than Professional use (but it will likely take over there eventually also), Canon and Nikon currently lag behind significantly.

3) Where should the focus be? I disagree that Canon and Nikon should be focusing on volume sales *alone*. The issue is more than that and they should be focusing on providing for the future sales, volume sales is just a snapshot of the past year or two, future sales are not determined by that but by making cameras with specifications and practical use that satisfies the market users and demand, in future.

That requires producing cameras that lead technologically and deliver reliably.

One more point, post sales delivery is also important, to distinguish one's own brand from others, so after sales service and satisfaction is critical to maintain positive market visibility, otherwise people have no problem switching to other brands, what attraction is there to make them stay with one's own brand, otherwise?


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