4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: 4K is just a gimmick like 3D and curved TV's ?

Sonyshine wrote:

Sam_Oslo wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

Many big players worked hard on 3D.....it's a flop.

I have toughed on this issue in an earlier post, but I see it needs more explanations. The main reasons for the failure of 3D TV is that :

A small, but significant, number of consumers either don’t have stereoscopic vision in the first place, or found that the technology gave them eye strain or headaches.

Besides, Sports, which was considered to be a potential killer app for 3-D, fell victim to fact that inviting people around to watch the big game didn’t really work with handing out glasses, not least because of the expense involved in buying additional sets.

But None of these points applies to 4k.

But your claim about big-players worked hard on 3D Tvs is wrong too. The 3D TV format was actually a big battle between giants, specially between the Sony and Nintendo about the future of their game consul.

The Nintendo 3DS game consul, launched in in 2001, had actually monopoly on three-dimension.

That started a battle between Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo was pushing a 3D consul game that could be displaced on 3D TVs. So there was actually a battle of giants, and that can be characterized as big-players working hard on them.

Many big players worked hard on Blu-Ray. It's dead and buried.

Several big players, including Sony and the biggest software-player of the time, Microsoft (which had almost monopoly on operative system Windows, and it's codecs), had rejected to adapt Blue Ray from the start. Several other big players were pushing the alternative disc format roo.

This needs more explanation, but in short, Blu-Ray was a big battle between giants, where Toshiba- NEC format was fighting against Sony-Microsoft format (which got rejected). So your point illustrates a total misunderstanding of facts.

Both 3D-TV and Blu-Ray were actually battle of giants, and none of them can be characterized as big-players working hard on them.

3D has been a flop in all areas. TV Cinema, games.

Blu ray won the optical disc wars....and now the market for any optical storage has collapsed. Killed by online streaming..

4K wars will break out. Standards have not been agreed for transmission, storage etc. Just watch!


please make your mind. First you were claiming that "Many big players worked hard on Blu-Ray, and 3D-TV too. But when I rejected your claims by providing evidence about the war of giants in both cases, now suddenly you have changed your mind and claiming that there is war among giants when it comes to 4k.

The article you have googled, apparently without understanding it's content, says nothing about a format-war or any other war on 4k. Can you elaborate what kind of war is that article about?

May I ask you, please, read and understand the article before toughing a link. We are all here to learn from each other in a friendly discussion, so pøease lets keep it based on knowledge and investigated facts.

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