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Re: OP: where are some GH4 clips and what are your system specs?

G Sciorio wrote:

jkoch2 wrote:

G Sciorio wrote:

I've been working with the camera for some time and can say that even with version 0.1 the files look amazing.

Have you posted any native (neither processed nor compressed) clips anywhere that others might test on their systems?

Today or possibly on Monday.

Kindly post a link when you can.  Any short clip or two, recorded in a GH4 not externally, would be very helpful.  Ideal if one shot has action or pan, and the other is of something apt to cause moiré: fabrics, roof tiles, brick walls, wire grids, etc.

Looking for samples of 4k, one is limited almost entirely to "samples" which are already greatly compressed or no longer 4k.

Please clarify your system CPU, GPU, OS, 4k display specs, and 4k playback software. What is the render speed when you export a clip or pan-crop?

I have a macbook pro retina 2011 and play back video with quicktime pro. Works just fine, no delay.

Do you edit with Premier or FCPX?  If you apply an effect, or recode, how many frames render per second?

How many minutes of clips can you put on an edit timeline before the project navigation slows to a halt or becomes unstable?

Is a retina display large enough to perceive any difference between 1080p and 4k without a magnifying glass or very young eyes at 7" distance?

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