What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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Re: Sigh

mistermejia wrote:

David McGaughey wrote:

I completely understand that other and newer cameras are faster. But based on the videos i am seeing the camera focuses perfectly fine. I don't and have NEVER counted the AF seconds or amount of time from my fuji S5 PRO after owning the nikon D7000. I just know that it focuses and it does it very well. I have two kids and i have never had focusing speed "issues" with even the older S5 or the X10.

I just think that people just plainly WANT more, even if they don't even need it. There is nothing wrong if a camera focuses even "faster", but like i said, i have never paid attention tho this millisecond thing going on here. That's just my opinion.

Ah, so people who want something different than you are stupid sheeple. Makes sense.

No sir, there is nothing wrong if someone wants something different and that's not stupid.

I just don't see where the AF is failing from those videos that i have watched. I don't know, maybe the videos are fake of made up?

If you are requesting nikon D4 speed that's fine, i sure don't have a problem with that

I think it is about wanting lightening fast, some need this, some want this, some are less concerned.

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