Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: The you tube generation....

glasswave wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Steve Jobs disliked Blu-Ray ("bag of hurt") and Apple still doesn't support it well. You can buy a Windows PC with Blu-Ray drive, usually as an extra-cost option. Blockbuster is gone and relatively few consumers buy Blu-Ray movies. Nonetheless Blu-Ray seems good for archiving, with better theoretical longevity than DVD.

They just don't care how good their media is, as long as there is lots of it. Mp3's sound like crap compared to CD's but I can have 10,000 songs. Reality TV sucks, but I have 200 channels of it. Streaming vids look like junk, but I can stream 1000's of vids.

Nobody's watching true 1080p yet they think we'll alll go buy 4k tv sets to watch 720p signals through cable or netflix which is often only upsamples from 480p.

When I was young, we wanted nice stereos in our cars because they sounded good. Now they just want to get a boomy car stereo to get other people to look at em.

Yeah it's a shame and I do fear the day when people look BACK to the past and talk in amazement about how crisp the video used to be and how amazing the audio and how you it's just not possible to see or listen to things the way you used to be able to do.

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