Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

Adrian Van wrote:

Love Cyberlink. You could put in a disk and stop half way on a movie or a show. Put in a couple of other disks inbetween for kids, and when you put in the first disk, it will still play at the exact point you left from. Great program and came with my new Dell.

Regular DVDs may look okay from a distance but full HD BluRay trumps the quality anyday.

However there are some high quality MP4 format videos (or DivX AVIs) that are great to look at that are close to full Blu Ray quality if files are not too compressed. Look great on a 27 inch computer monitor.

Will consumers continue to watch DVD or BluRay years from now. Hard to say. For collectors of disks (DVD or Blu-Ray of movies or TV shows) from Best Buy, there still is a market for some buyers. I prefer watching my favourite season TV series shows on disk for ultimate convenience to fit my schedule instead of cable.

If you want the best audio and use analog out, get the .dll from old versions of TrueTheaterHD and then hook that into Media Player Classic and download the high quality render plug-ins and use AnyDVD HD and you can get analog out without down sampling (to get around the absolutely absurd protected audio path nonsense which is the most absurd DRM in history, it DOES zero for studios since nobody pirates and spreads 24bit tracks from blu-ray anyway, and just P.O. their paying customers and, ironically, gets them digging into all sorts of things) and you can get old DVDs scaled better.

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