High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

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Re: High quality compact to complement M4/3 system - any thoughts?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Apologies for starting a thread about compact cameras on a M4/3 forum, but am interested in the views of M4/3 users in particular.

I now have what I think is a pretty wonderful system for my needs. (EM1 + 12-40, 40/150 & 75-300 lenses.) I would like to top off my collection with a super quality compact to chuck in my pocket any time when EM1 & lenses aren't available for any reason.

Apologies if similar discussions have taken place in the past but am seeking any views based on current selections of high-end compacts as the perfect complement to my set up.

I'm considering the following...

Fujifilm X20. I really like this, but have issues with the viewfinder not fully matching up with what the lens sees - especially close up - and also being partly obscured by the lens at widest angle. Could I get over this for the sake of a really nice camera that is a joy to use?

Sony RX100 ii. I keep reading about how wonderful this camera is, but I have had one (brief) play with it and just didn't feel excited by it at all. It just didn't feel like an enjoyable camera to use. It's pretty expensive and for that amount, I feel that I should love it, and I didn't.

Olympus Stylus 1. I haven't had my hands on this yet but I wonder if it's a great compromise of features?

Any views on these or any others I should consider?

Many thanks

RX100 II is what I have, and I do love it. If you truly want a pocket sized camera, it's the only one IMO. I also have the EVF for it, and which is a great option. Image quality is amazing for its size. Feature set and lens is superb. Trade-offs are the small size means less ergonomic, which I suspect is your main gripe with it. I wouldn't trade it for any other camera yet available in terms of having a truly small pocket camera with good IQ.

The others you mention are significantly larger, and for me, if I'm going to bother with lens caps then I might as well use a bigger, better camera in general. Plus the X20 and Stylus both have smaller, less capable sensors than the Sony.

If you're not worried about truly pocketable size, then you might as well skip the toy sensors and get something with a decent sized sensor. Maybe a Fuji X100S, or a very small M43 model.

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