Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: The only comparison needed.

bluevellet wrote:

socode wrote:

bluevellet wrote:

socode wrote:

bluevellet wrote:

lol shooting FF in cropped mode with APS-C (telephoto) kit lenses. What a waste.

So you're saying it's a waste to shoot 16MP images on a smaller sensor area? I think plenty of M43 owners would disagree.

Nice attempt, but i'm saying it's a waste to go FF if you not only shoot with APS-C lenses, but shoot with the substandard ones. Might as well just stick with Nex bodies since the argument started over physical sizes of photo gear.

If you think that having a body that can work in more than one use case is bad, because you are not using the entire X every time you use it, good for you.

But you are doing this all the time with resolution if you crop or downsize, you don't use the max shutter speed, you shoot at softer apertures or use imperfect lenses, which is pretty much all of them.

You don't always drive your car with the everything switched on, the boot fully loaded, and your foot stamped on the accelerator pedal.

Or maybe you do.

I can assure you when your car engine is running, all the cylinders are in use. It doesn't mean you're climbing steep hills or driving on the fast lanes at all times, but it makes a difference in overall driving. If you don't believe me, just switch to a classic Renault 2-horse power and experience how painfully it is to press the accelator after a red light. Who cares about having AC or the radio on at the same time? You probably don't use the flash and assist lamp on your camera either.

But your comment is not even about using a portion of the power, it's also about adding dinky little wooden wheels to your car (to continue the analogy), because they're cheap, small and available. Yeah, you paid top bucks for great performance for your car, but those wheels will have to do for a while. Will just have to avoid pot holes and fast lanes in the meantime.

So can we drop yet another flawed car analogy? Those are used so often at DPR.

Nowadays, some modern cars can disabled cylinders when horsepower is not requiered...

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