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Re: Video replays says you are wrong

Sean Nelson wrote:

This is very much an individual choice. For me, I'd rather have the terrific shot that I'd only have perhaps a 30-50% chance of capturing otherwise. Things like a bird taking off are incredibly difficult to anticipate and time properly and very frustrating to try to capture in single shots.

I guess I just don't see a lot of difference between picking one frame from a "video" vs. picking the one "keeper" from an afternoon of trying to capture the right moment with stills.

As a fellow birder, that's precisely one of the moments I would use as an example...and you're right, it's an individual choice.  But I actually enjoy trying to get the perfect takeoff shot - even when I fail.  The process of trying to get it right with the single shot, or even a small burst of shots, for me is where all the fun of it comes from, and makes the capture of such a moment all the more rewarding.

I liken it to many old-time pursuits...some could argue that going fishing with a massive dragnet in a small pond would guarantee that you'll get a lot more fish, and the biggest fish...yet people still like to sit for hours with a single pole, single line, and one lure, hoping for the moment that one perfect fish comes and takes the lure...AND you were able to reel it in.  You may have gotten 10 bites without a set, 2 that got away, 5 tiny fish that you threw back, and one muddy boot.  But you still enjoyed the challenge.  Maybe it took 5 trips to the pond to finally get 'the one'.

There are still hunters that like to shoot with a bow rather than a scoped, laser-sighted, semi-automatic rifle...for the challenge of the hunt and the raised difficulty in getting it right and despite the 'superiority' of the other method's chances.

Even what you describe as picking one keeper from an afternoon - even with a fairly fast burst mode, you're missing some 80% of the possible video frames per second - there's still a big element of chance, as well as a rich reward for skill, timing, and determination.  It is still a very individual thing - you may prize the ultimate perfect capture more than the process of pursuing it, or not enjoy the photographic process as much unless it returns a perfect result...most people look for a shortcut to a process when they don't really enjoy the process - they are in it for the result.  The same could be said for me - and I admit it freely: I do not enjoy post processing very I look for 'shortcuts' that let me avoid the process - camera settings and controls, in-camera JPG settings, and using JPG rather than RAW.  Others absolutely LOVE post-processing, and would never want to shortcut any part of that process.  For me, it's the capture part of the equation that I love - with all its flaws and faults and challenges.

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