Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Not allergic to video. Just won't pay a single $ more for it

igorek7 wrote:

I hardly believe in sincerety of the posts in this digital mirrorless MFT forum, which claim they are allergic to any camera which shoot a decent video. Mirrorless cameras are already designed with video capabilities inside -- sensor is constantly scanned-- live view requires it, AF requires it, light metering system requires it. The more advanced sensor scanning "video" capability, the more advanced the camera. Panasonic uses rolling shutter for silent still imaging, which directly benefits from its video-optimized sensor read-out speed. Its fast AF is beneficial to both, still-imaging and video. etc., etc.

The reason that video first got added to still cameras is that the inherent technology that enabled it was virtually free once we moved to digital, and live LCD EVFs.

From that point on, the market bifurcates, with between folks to whom the basic, essentially free video capability is more than sufficient,  and those to whom the better video becomes a driver of their camera needs.   This 2nd segment remains a small, differentiated niche market, that is much smaller than the primary segment, who shoot stills, and the occasional, casual video because they can.

The serious video segment is a legitimate niche to pursue, it's simply not the one that I, nor MOST still photographers, care about, and are willing to pay significantly extra to participate in.

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