Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Video replays says you are wrong

Lab D wrote:

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More so that the speed is that as with GH3 the GH4 allows photographers to shoot video like a photographer that freaken huge! So you don't have to do anything other than light, shoot stills and hit that little red button to make video clip that has the same look and feel as your stills.

Eventually cameras will only shoot video and you'll be pulling frames. You can do that right now with the GH3, as I do for editorial assignments, and with the GH4 the frames of video are printable and more importantly sellable.

From a purely professional standpoint, I can understand the argument that anything that removes chance from the equation, and guarantees capture of a precise moment no matter the skill of the photographer by shooting video and allowing the perfect moment to simply be pulled out after the fact...

Every minute it seems a video replay changes an important play in sports, catches a bad guy in the act, or captures a special unforeseen moment. More major or minor event are posted on YouTube these days than ever were caught on stills because it is so easy. Think all the pcitures we ended up with of the Boston terrorists.

99.99% are captured on mobile phones. I'm not sure that's an argument in favor of 4k.

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