Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

G Sciorio wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

I'm not convinced that future cameras will only shoot video, but I do expect it'll be the main thing they do. I'm totally cool with that. I love everything about 4k and have been doing my pic-taking over the past couple months with 4k display in mind. I've been shooting more video too.

IMO many folks are less than thrilled because Panasonic appears to be going in a direction that doesn't address their fixations. Measurbating, for example, doesn't provide the same kick when the pixel counts don't keep going up. Other folks fantasize about a camera with the E-M1's build quality & feature set but a US $700 price tag, and the GH4 clearly won't be that. Nor will anything else any time soon, of course... Still other folks are genuinely concerned that truly high-res electronic display will mostly kill off printing. How then can I justify my pixel obsession when I only need 9 million of 'em?! And lots of people, despite the fierce disruptive innovation in imaging over the past 15 years, just don't care much for change.


Yes most photographers don't care for change. They fought tooth and nail moving from analog to digital. The transition happened regardless. Same thing with still to hybrid. It's happening regardless of the few stodgy pros who think that photography should still be complicated and done only with large cameras.

The tide has turned to small and smart.

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Giulio Sciorio

I hardly believe in sincerety of the posts in this digital mirrorless MFT forum, which claim they are allergic to any camera which shoot a decent video.  Mirrorless cameras are already designed with video capabilities inside -- sensor is constantly scanned-- live view requires it, AF requires it, light metering system requires it. The more advanced sensor scanning "video" capability, the more advanced the camera. Panasonic uses rolling shutter for silent still imaging, which directly benefits from its video-optimized sensor read-out speed. Its fast AF is beneficial to both, still-imaging and video. etc., etc.

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