Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Sean Nelson
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Re: You SHOULD be interested.

Lab D wrote:

In a few years many people will have 4k TVs and computer screens. Years after that 8K will be a standard. Do you really want to pull out the crappy 1080p footage (and no ILC shoots actual 1080p resolution) for you kids to see?

There's a reason why consumer laser printers stopped at 1200dpi for black and white and 2400dpi for colour.   The technology is available to to a lot more, but there isn't any demand for it because people can't see the improvement.

2K video is good enough for most people's needs.   I think 4K video has a chance of catching on, but 2K material is going to look reasonably decent even on 4K displays.    And I can't see 8K gaining a lot of traction in the marketplace unless people get used to their displays taking up the entire wall.

I may be missing some radical new trend such as a mass switch to head-mounted goggles that give you a 180 degree field of view, but for traditional display technology I think 4K is pretty much at or beyond the limits of what the market wants.

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