Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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There's seems to be some push back in this forum (and other enthusiast forums) about 4K video. I'm reading a lot of stuff like "it's not for me" which I can appreciate. The thing is that if your camera has a live view you're shooting video. You might only be shooting one frame at a time but it's video folks.

The launch of the GH4 allows 8megapixel recording at 30 frames per second AKA 4K.

I've been working with the camera for some time and can say that even with version 0.1 the files look amazing. Overall the camera is about twice as fast as the GH3 including AF tracking.

More so that the speed is that as with GH3 the GH4 allows photographers to shoot video like a photographer that freaken huge! So you don't have to do anything other than light, shoot stills and hit that little red button to make video clip that has the same look and feel as your stills.

Eventually cameras will only shoot video and you'll be pulling frames. You can do that right now with the GH3, as I do for editorial assignments, and with the GH4 the frames of video are printable and more importantly sellable.

I just don't see this happening. For starters do you have any idea how fast shooting 16MP RAW at 30fps will fill up a card? It will just be ridiculous. Not to mention the storage needed and the time spent flicking through all those photos trying to find the right one. I only really see it being used maybe by professional sports shooters.

I'm quite aware of the bandwidth. Memory cards, computers and software are catching up.

As an enthusiast with 4K you get more opportunities to express your creativity and for pros you get the added bonus of having new services to offer your clients and grow your business.

How does 4k give you more ways of expressing your creativity? I've seen some very cool techniques and effects for getting creative with video and only two of them (out of hundreds probably) was resolution dependant, and even those are used as crutches for when you can't afford/carry the proper equipment for the job.

Well for one you can make your photography move. Video does not have to mean filmmaking or even short videos. It can be an animated portrait. It can mean when you're shooting a bird, child or any other subject that moves fast to be able to pull the perfect frame. It can be anything you want it to be if you apply your creative brain to it.

For people to say 4K is not for them is not seeing the forest for the trees. That mentality can be safe if you're an enthusiast but pros that bypass 4K might be looking for a new career before too long.

Really? Because clients are clearly going to pay double as much for 4k footage. In 5 years time maybe, but not now.

I've grown my business significantly in a down economy when other pros complain that their business is shrinking. Yes now. In 5 years it will be common place and we'll be talking about 8K and people will be saying" 4K is great I don't need 8K" then you'll shoot 8K and want it.

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