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Re: In search of image quality

Michel J wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

I am surprised no one suggested the CZ 16-35.

The overall IQ of the CZ seems to be lower than the 16-50mm (according to DxO), corners and edge are very soft, it's why the Sigma 18-35mm F/1,8 should be very interesting!

Sigma is crop lens. 16-35 is better than 24-70 in the 24-35 range.

Anyway, I am not really sure what you are looking for in terms of increase from the 1650!!! but primes might be what you are after.

Same things, if you searching for pure IQ edge to edge, this lens is soft in the corners/edges, period.

Tbh if you are looking for pixel peeping difference buy a bunch of CZ/G zooms and/or CZ/G primes and you'll be happy. Even happier if you put them on FF body. In the spirit of throwing money at IQ, if you want further IQ buy the new hasselblad a-mount lol, I hear its the best for IQ

Does the Hassy have better lenses which are not available for the A99? Come on!

I was a joke I wasn't seriously suggesting paying more money for a A99 re-badge.

but seriously what are you trying to do! low light? sports/action? At 100 ISO on A65 with 1650, it really doesn't get much better tbh!! what is it thats making you unhappy?

Good question!

Yet it hasn't been answered! Beginning to think OP doesn't know himself!

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