Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

tt321 wrote:

G Sciorio wrote:

There's seems to be some push back in this forum (and other enthusiast forums) about 4K video. I'm reading a lot of stuff like "it's not for me" which I can appreciate. The thing is that if your camera has a live view you're shooting video. You might only be shooting one frame at a time but it's video folks.

The launch of the GH4 allows 8megapixel recording at 30 frames per second AKA 4K.

I've been working with the camera for some time and can say that even with version 0.1 the files look amazing. Overall the camera is about twice as fast as the GH3 including AF tracking.

More so that the speed is that as with GH3 the GH4 allows photographers to shoot video like a photographer that freaken huge! So you don't have to do anything other than light, shoot stills and hit that little red button to make video clip that has the same look and feel as your stills.

Very well argued.

However, 'the same look and feel as your stills from 7-year old equipment' might be more appropriate as stills today include the capability of doing 36mp RAW from a high quality camera roughly the same size and shape as the GH4. That's twice the resolution and a lot more PP-ability than what a 4k frame pulled from a video stream would give you.

Maybe the majority is satisfied with a 4k frame pulled from a video stream as a still, maybe the majority is satisfied with 1080p video too...

I shot many covers with a 5MP Olympus E1 and the work still looks good. Regarding post production, its becoming a trend again (thank god) do create in camera and with that advantage 4K is great for artists. Also who cares about 36MP or full frame. For those that really need a jump in image detail, well they're using a Phase One.

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