Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Bingo. You hit the nail on the head.

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More so that the speed is that as with GH3 the GH4 allows photographers to shoot video like a photographer that freaken huge! So you don't have to do anything other than light, shoot stills and hit that little red button to make video clip that has the same look and feel as your stills.

Eventually cameras will only shoot video and you'll be pulling frames. You can do that right now with the GH3, as I do for editorial assignments, and with the GH4 the frames of video are printable and more importantly sellable.

The big point worth making though is that a camera which takes video and allows you to pull a frame is no longer a still camera...this fundamental difference could be where some still camera shooters are resistant and why we state such a camera may not be for us.

From a purely professional standpoint, I can understand the argument that anything that removes chance from the equation, and guarantees capture of a precise moment no matter the skill of the photographer by shooting video and allowing the perfect moment to simply be pulled out after the the same time such an invention would not seem to bode well for skilled professional photographers who would be hard pressed to stand out from every Dick and Harry with a consumer cam who can catch that precise perfect moment just as well as they can...does this really advance a professional's career, or kill it? From the enthusiast's standpoint, it most certainly does kill the very thing they love about photography - the chance, the skill, the pursuit of capturing an elusive and perfect moment with none but a single fraction of a second and good timing to get it right. And the capture of a moment, not a moving one, and not a video of that occasion, but a single, still, shot that lets imagination wander, and lets the eye study the tiniest details - for many photographers, this is what we love about still photography. Video solutions will never be 'better' than still solutions precisely because they are video, and not still...a totally different medium. I would ask if stills photography eliminated painting...because it's faster, 'better', easier, etc. Art lovers would vehemently declare not, because it is a different medium and appreciable for its own reasons. I no more want video to stand in for stills photography than I want photography to replace painting.

That's not to say that 4K may not be a wonderful advance for video display technology, and those who want to shoot video might not now have an even better resolution and capability with which to enjoy their endeavor...just respect that there are some folks not interested in capturing video, nor interested in taking away all of the skill, chance, and fun of capturing still photographs in-the-field, rather than sitting in front of a computer reviewing our video in slow-motion while clicking a keyboard button when the 'perfect moment' ambles by.

This is exactly right. I can't add a thing to it.

Perhaps you could add that shooting at 4k will eat up your memory card so fast you won't have time to replace it and not miss a scene LOL.

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