Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Better than I expected...

tkbslc wrote:

As I said in another post, I think it is ironic that apple touts compact and clean design and then forces you to use a pile of external accessories and drives all over your desk. An imac or mini with a stack of external drives isn't saving me any space over a desktop+monitor and will make for an overall messier office.

It's very clean for the typical user that doesn't attach any at all.   Since I moved all my storage to a central filer, none of my PCs (my tower, my mac mini, my laptops) have external danglies.

Most of us have moved to hiding the system case at our feet, and then it's awkward plugging in USB flash drives or camera cards.  There's definitely reasons for compact clean devices that can be on the desk.  But the price (other than the actual dollars), is that you need to to match your needs.   This has always been a problem for laptops, which still sell well, and for All in One types.

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