4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: 4K is just a gimmick like 3D and curved TV's ?

Sonyshine wrote:

4K files are HUGE.

They can't be just streamed, or sold on blu-ray discs, you also need a massive PC to process it...think about it....

I think 4K may have a long term future but for now only wealthy early adopters will buy into it.

From the BBC:

"We are years away from being able to make and transmit in 4K, yet it matters far more than 3D ever did: it enables manufacturers to focus on making bigger, better, normal TVs," Harrison says.

So it has a future..... in a few years.....

Also my POV. Broadcasting this massive amount of data? Hardly with today's tecnology - at least for a broader public. Rental? Well, probably one would need to take an external HD to the store. So there are several technical problems to solve or things to improve until 4k video could gain some broader relevance.

As I've seen comments from some specialists that one needs really big screen to be able to really appreciate 4k-video in comparison to real actual 1080p content - and this could mean the need of bigger living rooms with larger walls for those mega TVs   I'm looking forward whether the marketing departments will really convince the consumers to go much beyond the actual TV sizes which already went up from the old 29" TVs to now most common sizes from 32" to 50".

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