4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: 4K is just a gimmick like 3D and curved TV's ?

Sonyshine wrote:

Its not just content - its distribution, processing power, storage - all major issues that have to be addressed by people wanting to make and sell 4K - and if there are no end users apart from cinemas.....

The storage is cheap in these days, that's no excuse.

The processing power is increasing daily. Even Tablets are aiming for 4k-content. As an example, the announced Nvidia Tegra K1 has dual 4K, and can drive a 4k panel and an external TV over HDMI too. Panasonic has announced a 20- INCH TOUGHPAD 4k tablet based on a on-the-shelf Intel i7-3687U processor, and on-the-shelf NVIDIA Quadro K1000M GPU, etc. When even the existing tablet-hardware is capable,  you can't make a case against 4k based on processing power.

Besides several new 4k-codecs (both hardware based and software based) are on the way, with main focus on reduced file-size for streaming. Google is pushing royalty-free VP9 4K video codec as H.265 alternative for YouTube. But H.265 is developing fast too.

There is no concern for 4k, but it's not entirely streamlined yet, because it's a new technology. But since it's the future, several Big-players are working really hard to streamline it.

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