Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your stats on BR adoption?

CAcreeks wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

Blu-ray adoption continues to pace ahead of DVD ...

At first I did not believe this, but found a graph showing it was the case. The study was done in 2008, although they extrapolated data to 2011. Bogus.

DVD had a really slow uptake at the beginning.  It was the usual supply side problems, coupled with the expense.  Bluray players were even more expensive at the start, but the PS3 was the driver since it was not only the cheapest player, it was a next gen game system to boot.  And once price got more reasonable, it was a device that could play the previous generation (dvd) media, which wasn't true for dvd players.

Studios have been trying unsuccessfully to sell blu-rays at a premium price to DVDs.  30-40$ is crazy optimism when people are attuned to paying 15-20 for newer DVDs.  I think they hurt themselves here and further encouraged the migration to streaming.  So the uptake from now on will (or already has) fall off the dvd historical path.

I won't buy DVDs now.   I'm not buying so many blurays either, but I think that's a factor of age...I've seen every common movie theme X times now, so it's harder to create something novel and $ worthy.

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