Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

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Re: Getting a Grip on the 4K Video Conversation

sgm0369 wrote:

jennajenna wrote:

What I'm curious about is the crop factor of 4k. Is it different then simply doubling up like we are used to with m43. Will a 7mm lens be 14mm in a 4k shooot? or....??

Apparently, 4k adds a 1.2x crop factor on top of m4/3's own factor. So, 7mm -> about 17mm.

This misconception keeps popping up, but it's not true. The cropping only applies in the special "cinema" 1:1.85 aspect ratio mode - a new aspect ratio which is not available in any current M43 camera. In standard 16:9 (1:1.78 aspect ratio) mode 4K video uses the full width of the sensor just like 2K video does.

The cropped 1:1.85 mode results in an effective sensor size very similar to the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, and I suppose its possible that was a very deliberate design choice to allow better interoperability between those cameras.   But the presence of a feature doesn't force you to use it.   Just pretend the camera doesn't have that feature and you won't have to worry about it.

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