GH4 vs Fuji X-T1 dilemma

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Re: Olympus E-M1

Dave Sanders wrote:

So this is an opinion from a rank amateur. I know next to nothing about video, so frame the following in that context. I'm a stills photographer. Video has never interested me. I tried the video on a few point'n'shoots and a couple of DSLR. I gave up very quickly. Herky jerky results that weren't very good. Then I got my E-M5. All of a sudden I started shooting a lot more video because be damned if that IBIS didn't act like a steady cam! Sure, the quality wasn't up to lots of other cameras...but my skills weren't even up to the E-M5's level. For a casual video or two, it was magic. I sold the E-M5 and bought the E-M1. I'm finding I'm enjoying the video even more! I take videos of my family and the odd video of something interesting while I'm traveling or wandering the streets. Again, the E-M1 is perfect for this task. Again, it's not up to something like the GH4 but I don't know enough about video to challenge my Nexus phone, let alone my E-M1. By the time I know enough about video to require something better, it'll be time to upgrade my E-M1 anyways. Honestly, for the rank amateur, the IBIS is a godsend.

I found this informative:

E-M1 used for video review

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Dave Sanders

The biggest issue with EM-1 is the codecs it uses and the lack to anything other than 30p. That becomes an issue in post production where you are trying to combine video from a lot of different cameras. (the GH3 for example can match the Canon 5d in terms of framerate) thus you can use them together. The EM-1's excellent video will have a harder time combining with a larger shoot.

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