4K video, Sony has just lost a good PR opportunity

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Re: 4K is just a gimmick like 3D and curved TV's ?

Sonyshine wrote:


I'm in no rush and I suspect many other folks won't be rushing off after 4K either....

You see that article is not dismissing the 4k-video, it's complaining about the lack of 4k-contemt, as it's concluding with this line: " Right now, 4K is strictly for early adopters with plenty of cash.
 Until Hollywood figures out a way to deliver significant amounts of 4K content to consumers, the rest of us can continue happily using our current HDTVs."

And that's exactly the point with affordable 4k-capable cameras. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 (and soon to follow) other 4K-capable cameras are actually addressing the concern of the article, if we believe the conclusion of this article. And that's exactly why these kind of affordable 4k-capaable camera are hot.

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