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rweaver85 wrote:

I am wanting to purchase a Canon DSLR. I've considered the 5DC, 5D MKII, 60D, 7D and the 70D. The problem is Canon really makes this decision hard for some reason. It seems like from what I read that the older cameras that were tops when they came out are no longer good anymore. It's like they have a timer and when that timer goes off it's self destructs.

Then the timer on my 7D is broken.  After more than 4 years, the IQ is just as good as when I purchased it in October of 2009.

No matter what you buy today, there's going to be a camera introduced next year with new or improved features.  Buy the camera that has the features/IQ you want/need now, and then upgrade when there's something on a newer model that has what you want.  Don't upgrade just because there's something new.

I personally wouldn't have a problem purchasing any of these cameras. To me a camera is a tool to complete a task. Just to note I am coming from a Pentax K200 and Nikon D40. I was pretty happy with those cameras and had maximized their usage. I love doing video, but when we do spontaneous video we usually grab the iPhone or iPad. I wouldn't mind the video of the 7D without the auto focus.

Here's where I am at. I have a "Plastic Fantastic" that I use with my dad's T3. I am actually quite please with the IQ of the images that I have made with that camera and lens combo. I don't like the controls of the XXXD series. I want an mid level pro camera. I was originally considering the 60D because you can pick one up pretty cheap. Then I got to thinking that if I bumped the budget a little more I could get a 7D. THEN I thought again and told myself if I squeeze a little MORE I could move up to a 70D. I originally had a budget of around $650. Now I'm toying with the idea of around $1100.  Then I got to thinking AGAIN. If I spend 1100 why not go full frame with a 5D MKII.  I'll be honest I'm really pushing it at the top end. Nothing left for a lens or anything for that matter. I was pretty much settled on a 7D until I started comparing the 7D with the 70D. For around $1100 I could get a 7D with a 10-22mm lens.  I would feel more comfortable in the $650 to $750 range for a body or body+grip combo.

I know this subject has probably been beat to death, but there's not much separation between some of these choices.  Honestly I would rather have an older body with better lenses than a better body with mediocre lenses.  I want a good camera for family and some photography work such as portraits and real estate hence the 10-22mm lens.

If all you're doing is portraits & real estate the 7D is probably overkill - you don't need the high frame rate, nor the larger buffer, nor heavier build.  Only you can decide if you want to go FF; it will be easier to find wide angle, and IQ in low light will be better.


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