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I think that you are making a false assumption by implying that DF owners purchased the camera exclusively to admire the buttons and not take pictures. I may be misunderstanding your point, I am not sure. I also think that many who are buying the camera use it as a professional tool on assignments even if it doesn't have dual card slots. I am not a professional photographer but have been using cameras for over 35 years. If I was being paid for an assignment , I would definitely be carrying two bodies instead of just one. A memory card can become corrupted but a camera body can also fail during a shooting session. Chances of a body failing are probably just as great as a memory card failing. Now I know that is not a solution for backing up your primary card, but at least you would be taking pictures with two bodies instead of just one.

A body failing is WAY more common than a card failing. That's something I've actually seen happen.

If my Df has a card failure not related to my cheapness or handling, I'll report it!


This is a silly argument. When a body fails, you usually know right away and can switch to a second body. Card failures often go unnoticed until after the shoot and hundreds of photos have been shot to the card. The risk of losing a large number of shots to a card failure is much higher than to a body failure.

I'm not bashing the dF--I like the camera and have enjoyed shooting with it. But the lack of two cards is, for me, a major negative.

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