Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

This is a good example. The model looks quite a bit nicer with the 50mm. It makes her look slimmer all over and her face looks better slimmer.

So yes it would seem a longer lens is the better choice. 35mm as a starter.

I think the 56mm F1.2 is the portrait lens not the 23 which is more a capturing a scene type lens.

Exactly. 50 equiv is a minimum for portraits unless it's a wider environmental portrait. In the comparison shots, the 35 equiv definitely introduces perspective distortion that detracts from the model's beauty. The tighter the shot the longer the focal length needed to avoid this. This is the reason a 70-200 2.8 zoom on FX is often used by pros for model shoots. For a tight head shot you really need 105 or more.

Of course if you want the perspective distortion for creative purposes, that's a whole different thing.

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