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Re: Better than I expected...

Austinian wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

Given that Apple's current direction for Pro machines is to get rid of slots and bays, I'd be surprised to see them add those to a consumer machine. If Apple put something with the power of a 27-inch iMac (minus the screen) into a case that was NOT internally expandable (except for RAM), would people buy it?

I would not.

I see little point in having a separate case if it's not internally expandable; quite small PC cases can still have expansion slots and internal drive bays.

Indeed, except for 'style', I don't see much value in a desktop all-in-one design whether PC or Mac; a large desktop monitor + mouse and keyboard unavoidably takes up a good bit of desk space.

Given that, why not put a small desktop or tower case behind the monitor or under the desk, rather than trying to jam the computer hardware inside the monitor? A fine monitor can outlast several computers; why keep paying for new monitors just to get new CPUs, GPUs, memory, etc?

Not to mention the expansion and cooling compromises of an all-in-one...

As I said in another post, I think it is ironic that apple touts compact and clean design and then forces you to use a pile of external accessories and drives all over your desk. An imac or mini with a stack of external drives isn't saving me any space over a desktop+monitor and will make for an overall messier office.

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