Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: really?

blue_skies wrote:

Maybe in a few years the Sony A7 series bodies will be as refined as Olympus EM1 now, and there will be a decent set of native lenses to chose from. However, my experience with Sony over many years is that while they make brilliant one-off designs (like DSC-F and RX series) they severely lack commitment to the existing user base.

Link please?

come on, it has been like that for more than ten years with digital cameras, and even longer with many other Sony products.

But if you think that they compete, good luck.

Next week the A6000 will be announced. This camera is much closer to m43, and yet, even this camera does not really compete either, imho. Silly arguments.

Try to read and understand proper arguments, rather than keep switching topics and throwing in everything-and-the-kitchen-sink to make an argument. It does not change the outcome, it only changes how we view (all of) you...

there is no sense arguing with fanboys, so I will keep it short. I didn't way EM1 is a 'better' camera than A7(r) in every way; in the right conditions the A7 will make higher quality pictures. But I sure think EM1 is a more refined product in many ways (even though I would not buy one myself) and I'm definitely not the only one. m43 also has a FAR better range of native, good quality lenses which is more important than a 'cutting edge' body. You can read the same from many experienced photographers that have compared these two cameras.

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