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While it's certainly nice to have a camera with 2 card slots, there was a time when we only had one and that didn't stop folks from using them. When the pro level camera came out with 2 slots, most folks still used 1 and it worked out fine. Not saying that no one never had an issue but the number of issues were not so large that everyone would need 2 slots. Having multiple bodies to me is better than multiple slots. I'm not saying I would never have a camera with 2 slots however, to date I have not had a card failure but I did have my D300 with SB-900 attached, lock up (flash over heated and both stopped working for a bit) during an event I shot and was happy I had my D200 with the SB-800 with me to keep on shooting until the other camera was ok to use again.

It's great to have the option but to say any camera that do not have that capability is "lowly" is a stretch.

All it takes is to have one card fail on you and the second card argument will be thrown out of the window. Like you guys I used to be very nonchalant about it. I never bothered to use it even though all my cameras have it.  November 2013 was the last time I went shooting without using the second slot as backup. Moving forward I won't even consider buying a camera without back up slot.

My Transcend 32gig got corrupted after a wedding and I lost all the images.  The Bride is not finding it funny. Her parents are willing to pay any amount to have the images recovered but so far no luck, This happened with my D800 so it was totally my fault. No excuse whatsoever.

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