Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

gs85739az wrote:

Like Windows ME, really, how long will it be around?

Probably as long as VHS was, which is, I'm guessing, longer than most electronics.  Computers, cameras, phones, etc., change so fast & frequently I think when something is around for 30 years as pretty much the standard, that's quite an accomplishment.

I started buying DVDs in 1996.  They were like $50 bucks a movie and special order.  Everyone laughed at me.  In 2004 when the local movie rental store started selling off their entire stock of VHS tapes my mother was still convinced DVD was a fad.

I've been buying Blu-Ray movies since November 2006 when I bought a PS3.  I cant stand watching anything but a BluRay movie to be honest.  It just looks 100 times better.  It looks like I'm watching it happen in real life, like I could step right into the screen.

In this day & age when players are under $50 bucks (my VCR cost $400 in 1987) and movies are under $20 (LOTS under $15 and $10) it makes no sense for me to go to the theatre.  Ill pre-order the move, wait 3 months and have it arrive at my house the day its released.

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