OK I'll just look at M39 and OM glass.... No I won't...

Started Feb 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
Andy Crowe Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
Huh? OM 50mm f1.8s are still going for £10-20

WOW... I really wouldn't mind some cheap and fast manual prime glass and I was just stickybeaking around to get an idea on prices... I just had a look on eBay... talk about price inflation even for average lenses not taking into account crop factor. Yeah... No... I won't be looking there again any time soon. $500 for a 50mm with a 2x crop factor at F/4.... Yeah... No... lol...

Not sure where you're looking, but OM 50mm f1.8s are still going for £10-20, with the 50mm f1.4 clocking in at around £70

If you want wider then the Olympus 24mm f2 have been selling for £100 for as long as I can remember.

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