Double Exposure From Flash?

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Double Exposure From Flash?

I posted this in a different section a couple of days ago and thought this section may be better suited. I can't seem to delete the other so I hope this is ok..
Hey folks.. I purchased one of the Hiviz multi trigger kits to do water drop, sound etc photography.. This kit uses a piezo speaker for the sound trigger.

Last night I setup to try and do some balloon burst with the bb gun and all I got was double exposures and I can't figure out why...

Here's the setup:

BB gun laying on table approximately 2' from the balloon. Past the balloon was a small bullet trap about another 2' feet away.

In front of the balloon I had the Canon T3i - Manual mode - F20 - ISO 400 - 3 second exposure.

Right beside the camera lens pointing at the balloon a Yongnuo YN-468 ii set on manual at 128 (btw the 128 setting, which is the lowest, seemed to be too dark. I had the camera at ISO 100 and bumped it up to 400 to try and get more light and also tried leaving it at ISO 100 and bumping the flash up to 1/32 so keep in mind I'm still working on the correct lighting..
Every shot was double exposed.. I had the piezo laying close to the gun and I moved it all over the place from next to the gun to next to the bullet trap. Doing so would obviously change the way the balloon was captured rupturing but still double exposures..

So can anyone give me any input on what's going on??

I think they're cool looking but I want to capture just a single image..
UPDATE: Last night I moved the BB gun about 3 more feet away from trigger so the sound of the gun wouldn't set off the flash. The last picture (white Balloon) where you see the BB starting to exit the top right side of the balloon is that shot. Sound trigger about a foot below the balloon. Still double exposure??

Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5)
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