Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.

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I know precisely what the OP is saying. You do lose the facial expression of a toddler sometimes, or its posture while moving around. Ok, nothing new or to debate against. I think the misunderstanding is in the words "too slow" and "for me". I get an 80% success ratio in capturing the exact moment with my 4yr old active child and that's not too slow, for me though. My dslr gave me 90%. Manual focusing gives me 70%. I'm quite happy with these figures but I would also keep an eye for lower shutter lag on the XE3. I can't think of many other applications this camera would be too slow except sports.

Fast/slow is subjective and we understand what OP is saying, although his depiction of the AF speed issue looks like trolling (exaggerated expressions like "way to slow", and no use case provided), so why would actually anybody care about this?

We wish him good luck in finding new camera, and hopefully posting no more threads like this on Oly/Sony/CaNik forums about the new purchase.

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Maybe its sounds like exaggeration but I really find it difficult bout the lag, NOT THE AF

AF is great......its after that I find it difficult, when the camera lags, I hope someone helps me on this matter.

I'll shoot more this week end, I will use the AF Lock......and see what happens.

Got some infos on how to make the best of it? I'm listening


First of all, I'm sorry but I will agree with some posts above, you initial post wasn't exactly the most polite to the rest of XE2 owners (including me). Do you agree ?! But I also think you might have been misunderstood. Anyway, I think in order for us (not me but maybe the more experienced photographers in this forum) to help, we need to know what are you trying to shoot. Kids, cars, birds ? Maybe there is just no solution. I bought the similar size Canon SL1 after I sold my 60D and I observed practically no lag. But the AF wasn't exactly instand when shooting my kid. My composition wasn't instant either. So, it took me 1-2secs to compose, AF and shoot so that the 0.05sec lag made little difference, to me. But I'm curious to know more on your context. Focusing with center AF and recomposing, as quoted above, is what I also use.

like i said to another user, i will try it again, inside the store where i work, plenty of lights and sunlight.

i will have them wlaking slowly.....

hope its not the weather in canada which is cold, but i dont take it  more than -6 and i keep it in my canada goose pocket which is really warm
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