Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.

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Re: Selling the XE2 way too slow for me.

britcam wrote:

Segaman wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

Lol, I've never understood the point of these posts. It'd be like me going into the Nikon forum and announcing I was selling my D7100 because it's too big and heavy. Master of the Obvious.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong.....maybe i'll get another opinion on how to shoot, cause apart from that, I like it a lot, just the damn LAG,

And there is a lot of hype about certain cameras, people need to get infos on this matter.


I hear what you say, but am still struggling to understand why you can't overcome any AF issues with good technique. My toddlers grew up and left home many years ago, but I have a very active young dog these days, and he is my test model ...

I can catch him in any pose, still or action, jumping, or lying low ... With Fuji there are no longer any ISO limits and that is a huge advantage that most other brands simply can't achieve. I might want a certain minimum shutter speed, so set ISO accordingly. I might want a particular aperture for DOF control so choose accordingly ...

I always use single AF point, either centre & recompose, or with the focal point adjusted to make AF and focus framing quicker. I hold the shutter release on first pressure, then recompose and shoot. Its very, very quick! If the lens is wide open, then for sure, you have to nail the focus, but you do need to practice and practice .. !

Finally a dog pic ... Taken this morning with my newly acquired 14mm. But the point is that it is exactly the same technique as indoors in low light, with focus on the eye, controlling DOF, single focus point & recompose etc ...

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Rich S (britcam)

See, i could not get this pic, and i Am doing the same thing.

The other day it was -2 outside, and it was not that cold, maybe it stress the camera at that temperature

i was in new york and it was 22c in decmeber and i dont remember how it reacted.....but my pics were really nice.


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