Samyang Lenses for X mount.

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Re: Samyang Lenses for X mount.

Hi - nice to hear from you.


I have a limited budget so any alternatives to Fuji lenses would be good for me as long as the quality is good.

OK, now with a Adapter You can use the most Lenses on a Fuji Camera.

  • How much Money You are willing to Pay for a Lens ?
  • What Focal-Length You need ?
  • Are You need a Fixed Lens and/or Zoom Lenses ?
  • Is Weight a Problem for You ?
  • Are You willing to use used Lenses or only new ones ?

Please give Us some more Feedback for Help.

Are you pleased with your purchase?

Yes i love this Lens for this Rendering and DOF/Bokeh.

I would be interested to see some photographs.

OK, here some SnapShots with my old walimeX pro and new Samyang 85mm F/1.4 Lens:

Unsharp Example.


Regards: Carsten

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