Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: Please get real

Jerry-astro wrote:

You might not see a niche there (since you seem hell bent on the idea that FF is a viable replacement for high end crop -- we strongly disagree on that point), but I sure do. Time will tell whether Canon agrees.

You may have plenty of strong opinions, but like me, you have zero data to bring to the table in support of them. So saying "you're not going to get what you want" might be some nice posturing on your part, but it's meaningless. You don't know any more than the rest of us.

Jerry - Absolutely we are all just giving our opinions. Now, why do I think Canon wants to push full frame for high end cameras? Because, that's what Canon's CEO of Imaging has actually said:

" Now that full frame is appearing in cameras the size and price of the 6D, the future of APS-C at the semi-pro level is in doubt, he says: 'That's something we're considering at the moment. From our semi-pro users there's still demand for APS-C but in the future, I think we will see an increase in the number of full-frame models.' "

Again, I've laid out the business case for why Canon is unlikely to provide an $1800 aps-c DSLR with 10fps and 5dIII focus:

1) too much impact to 5dIII which plenty of sports photographers have adopted.  5dIII is going to have a higher profit margin because there's less competition than the APS-C market.

2) There is currently no competition to the 7d/d300s to force Canon to do it.  So, what buying option do people who want a 7dII have?

3) Canon themselves have already told us their long term direction for high end is full frame, not APS-C

I'm sorry if these are difficult concepts for you to grasp.  But, they're pretty sensible to anyone who isn't just thinking with their heart

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