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Re: kumbaya lord kumbaya

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Oh Lord Kumbaya!

That is funny! Hilarious!

Even the lowly D7100 comes with a 2nd slot for SD card, reading through this forum and see how many people has trouble with their SD cards I don't thing anyone could trust a single card camera. You guy can keep your Df, as for me nothing beat the D800/E for its shear versatility.

There are no "lowly" cameras; only lowly photographers.

It's very telling when someone assigns some sort of social hierarchy to inanimate objects.

I chose a D5200 over a D600 for a 2nd body (before the Df came out). The D5200, with it's 1.5 crop and  swivel display added more to my D800 kit than a D600 would have.

I chose the Df because the sensor and size combo would also add something new to my kit.

I suggest choosing gear for what it will do for your shooting and not worry about where it "stands." It's all about YOU the shooter.

I've rarely bothered to use the second card slots on my cameras and I've only heard about card failures online. It's exceedingly rare.


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